Student Prizes

Sponsored by the UKAN+ Special Interest Group on Underwater Acoustics (SIGUA), the ICUA 2022 Scientific Committee will be awarding 3 student prizes:

• 1st Prize – £250
• 2nd Prize – £150
• 3rd Prize – £100

Abstracts may be on any subject listed under the themes for the conference and should be submitted using the Online Abstract Submission Site by Friday 4th March 2022 (23:59 GMT).

When creating your account on the site, please tick the box to confirm your Student Status and eligibility for the award.

Submissions will only be considered for the award if they are selected to give an oral presentation at the conference.

To be eligible for this award, an author must:
• Be enrolled as a student in a connected degree
• Be listed as the first author on the submitted abstract
• Present their work at the conference

Graduates are eligible if the work being presented was performed as a student within two years of the conference.

The prize winners will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of ICUA 2022 Scientific Committee members and the SIGUA committee of UKAN+, based upon the originality, clarity and quality of research and its presentation.


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